Audio Production: Documentary Podcast

Inferred questions in ‘The Untold – Virtual Friends ‘

This short 28 minute documentary podcast follows the story of two friends, Alice and Mimei who met online through a Japanese Rock blog. They began talking and became very close friends and over the years, their relationship developed. From talking on online music blogs to messaging on social media and exchanging video calls, the girls quickly became best friends. Mimei ended up moving to Japan, getting married and becoming a famous Youtuber and Alice moved to London and become a successful accountant. Now 12 years later and still best friends,  the girls (who were now women) finally meet face to face as Mimei travels to London. As well as this, the two women plan to explore Europe together for 10 days just days after meeting each other for the first time.

During this documentary podcast we heard a few prompt questions by the presenter however a lot of the questions seemed to be edited out in the podcast. The only questions we actually heard in the podcast was:

  • So what did you say?
  • You’ve spoken every day for 12 years?
  • What sort o travelling have you done before?
  • Has she ever played ice hockey?
  • Do you think you ever confided in her about bullying?
  • You’ve both got long-term friends on the internet?
  • So how are you feeling now that you’re back in London?
  • What about the Parisian Air B&B?
  • Did you end up doing videos?
  • How was Strasberg?
  • What was hard about the trip?

Here are some of the inferred questions that could have been asked to illicit the responses in the podcast:

  • Who is Mimei to you?
  • What do you think about internet fame?
  • What’s happening tomorrow?
  • What is your relationship with Mimei like?
  • Do you remember the first time you spoke?
  • What was that like as a teenager?
  • How similar were your music tastes’?
  • How did this friendship compare to those in real life?
  • What’s happening after you meet?
  • Are you excited?
  • Who’s done most of the planning for this trip?
  • When did you realise Mimei was an important person to you?
  • What was it like growing up into adults together?
  • What’s it like playing Ice Hockey?
  • Does the violence appeal to you?
  • When did the bullying start?
  • How did you plan for the trip?
  • What is that?
  • What was it like meeting her face-to-face?
  • What was it like letting her see you in that emotional state?
  • Does meeting her change anything about your relationship?

This is based on the types of answers the interviewee gave and in order to keep her talking in a continuous prose, questions were edited out.  I think the mixture of keeping questions in was done intentionally for the questions where Alice did not answer in full sentences so audiences could have context to what was being said.

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