What Is A Critical Reflection?

After listening to John talk about critical reflection, I have realised I am probably more of a descriptive person than an evaluative one. This means I will have to keep a small log or diary every time we encounter an issue in order for me to reflect critically and not look back to just describe events. This has also made me reflect on what we have done so far and realise I am not satisfied with the vox-pops we have taken and I would like to retake them. This is what I have learned about critical reflection:

  • It is less description and more reflection and evaluation
  • Self-awareness and improvement is all part of the evaluative process.
  • Critical reflection is not just what, when, who and where but it’s also your thoughts and feelings of the events that have taken place.
  • You use your hindsight, looking back at the events with the knowledge you have now.
  • The process is as follows you write about an experience – thinking about the experience – learning from the experience.
  • It is a personal experience of self-awareness, self-improvement and finally empowerment.
  • Be honest, critical and don’t sugarcoat things if you felt a certain way in the process.
  • Empowerment is at the end of the process where you think about how you took control of a situation and what you will remember for the future.

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