Example Critical Reflection

This is an example of a critical reflection of a stage in my audio podcast. Here I used Gibbs Reflective Cycle.

One of the first things we went out and did was take some vox pops from the public asking them about various Japanese arts such as cosplay, anime, manga. This was our first time doing any type of public interviews so it was slightly daunting to approach people and slightly embarrassing. I found it very difficult to approach people as I didn’t want to come across ‘pushy’ or to annoy anyone, so to help me I asked someone to come up with me which meant we pushed each other to approach people. We gave it a go anyway and got some really good answers to a lot of questions and we ended up becoming more confident the longer we did it. This was very helpful as we both made sure we got what we needed for our vox-pops. After getting back to trying to edit the vox pops in a consistent manner, I realized that there wasn’t enough content for each answer meaning we couldn’t use it to edit a constant flow of answers. This was slightly frustrating as we had spent so long out in the cold and it took a lot to get the confidence to approach people for it to not be good enough to use. Looking back on this now, I realize maybe I was a bit too critical of myself as it was our first time doing anything like it so it was good to get a bit of practice. The solution to this would be to go out and retake them. In the end, we did go out and do it again with just a single main topic question which meant we got a variety of responses to edit. We were much better at approaching people this time as we had done it before and we even got more confident in creating a rapport with people when we spoke to them. This was a good experience to have as it helped us overcome issues with confidence and learn how to plan topic questions properly beforehand which will be useful in creating future vox pops.

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