1st Year Grade Improvements

Overall in the first year of my Media Production degree, I did well. I got four 1st grades and two 2.1 grades. My two lowest grades were from Producing I: Telling stories and Editing and Post-Production, both in which I got 2.1’s.

This was the improvement feedback for both parts of my Producing I: Telling Stories Assessment.

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 19.05.50

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 19.18.49Here the main areas of weakness involve the concept, and how I have not fully unraveled the idea. This means that my idea was not completely developed and therefore resulted in a few unanswered questions and gaps in information. This is something that could have been done through using a wider range of research data to add depth to my analysis which is mentioned. I also made a few typographic and formatting errors in the pitching package which I could have avoided should I have given the final version a proofread. I also didn’t use my own images which would have given me a higher mark and left a Buzzfeed logo on a photo I used for information which took away from the originality of my idea. So in future, I will make sure that any idea or concepts I have are at the stage where they are fully developed when pitching. I will also make sure that I proofread or get someone to doublecheck my work before submission to avoid small errors as well as use my own content to help pitch ideas.

This was the improvement feedback for the first edit of my Editing and Post-Production assessment and Critical Reflection in the second assessment.

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 19.18.58

The main areas of improvement for the edit were working on the match cuts and audio cuts. The match cuts in the edit could have been tighter and more precise should I have clipped frame by frame to ensure the shots matched. The audio cuts were also noticeable once you listened closely which could have been avoided through a final check. These are two areas I will work on in future edits as they will bring my work up to a professional standard.

This was the feedback from the critical reflection part of the unit.

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 19.20.19

The area of improvement here involves thinking beyond the situation and the way it can apply to real-world issues and debates. This would be the only thing that would help me achieve a higher grade in future critical reflections.

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