Quantitive Data using Statista

I used Statista to see what quantitive data I could gather and see if this research tool could be useful for me when researching my own market.

I first searched for data on a TV show called Atlanta. I just typed Atlanta into the search bar and at first it seemed like there wasn’t any relevant results for the programme but then I saw that the 9th result on the page was what I was looking for. Looking back on this I perhaps would search ‘Atlanta TV Show’ or ‘Atlanta Donald Glover’ to refine my search and give me more accurate results.

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 13.26.37

The data I came across broke down the demographic of TV viewers of the show by ethnicity and I found some interesting quantitive data.

The statistic displayed ‘the share of viewers of ‘Atlanta’ on FX in the United States from September 2017 to May 2018, by ethnicity’.

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 13.33.07

According to the data, 57% of viewers were Black (non-hispanic) which was quite an astonishing demographic. However – the show being predominately themed by race issues (particularly black identity) and the producer/writer/actor being Donald Glover, who is a Black rapper known for being vocal on these issues, may have been the main reason for this statistic.

The second highest group in this statistic were White (non-hispanic) viewers which was at 27%. Although significantly less than the percentage of Black viewers, it was still a lot higher than the other ethnicity groups. This statistic surprised me as I would have thought that other ethnic minority groups would have had higher viewer figures due to some element of relatability with race issues in the western world. However, this statistic may be down to some of the outrage caused by the program in the way it highlights racial indifference, particularly coming from white people.

Overall, I found using Statista to be really useful in collecting quantitive date on target demographics and viewing numbers. It gave me access to statistics which were very useful and insightful and I have learnt that through refining searches to be more narrow, you can find a lot of relevant data.

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