Reflection on Documentary Video – Finalising Ideas

One of the initial issues we have faced in creating a documentary surrounding the birth of the internet was narrowing down our ideas. We were told that we could create our documentary on anything surrounding this subject however the internet being such a broad subject, we were struggling to narrow down to a single idea. I also felt we were going around in circles constantly as our lecturer told us our idea was difficult to achieve yet didn’t really give us any solutions. We were told to do many different ideas and then we were later told we should stick with our original idea which made me feel like we had wasted a lot of time and we were behind in planning and shooting because of it so I ended up becoming very stressed. However, as a team we decided we were not going to waste any more time, schedule a shoot as soon as possible and put the hours in to get pre-production planning done before the shoot. Looking back on this I wish we had more faith and confidence in our idea initially as it would have saved us a lot of hassle and time and I learned to trust the decisions we make as a team and in our abilities as filmmakers.

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