Reflection On Documentary Video – Shooting Issues

In the production stages, one of the issues we faced was with our time management. We made a shooting schedule for our shoot day and planned all the scenes and shots we wanted to film. However, during production we fell drastically behind on our schedule as some scenes took longer to film which meant that we only managed to complete half of the plan for the day. This was very disappointing as we didn’t achieve everything we wanted and realised we would have to come back to pick up on the scenes we didn’t manage to film. This was stressful as time was running out and it was a lot of effort to arrange a shoot day everyone could make. However, we managed to make a second shoot day an urgent priority and came back to finish where we left off. In hindsight, our original shooting schedule was unrealistic and we should have allowed a lot more time for activities than we estimated even if we knew it wouldn’t take as much time as it meant if we fell behind, it wouldn’t be as big of a problem as it was. This is something I will consider next time I plan a shooting schedule, remembering to be more realistic and make sure we are not being overambitious.

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