First Semester Reflections

Looking back on some of the feedback I had received in the first semester, overall feedback was positive with some minor improvements.

For my producing unit, my pitch scored a lot lower than my pitching package at a B3, due to my idea not being original enough. This I understood and in retrospect, I should’ve chosen a topic more innovative. Looking at the feedback, ideas based around plastic had been overdone in the past and it would be difficult to provide a unique insight. I was told to try and have a different take on it and in my pitching package, I used the idea of Plastic Art to follow a specific story of an artist who makes a living out of collecting ocean trash. Here I saw a unique story that could be told so I used this to refine my idea. My pitching package was graded at an A4 which I was happy with as I knew it would have been difficult to score very high with a subject that had been already explored through multiple avenues. I was told that I had ‘very good visual design skills’ and my use of ‘colour and page layout were effective’. The improvements here was to make the writing just as polished as the visuals.

For Documentary Video, I was not as pleased with my grades getting a C3 for my documentary and a C2 for my critical reflection. I was extremely disappointed upon discovering this as I tried extremely hard on my documentary and I had spent a lot of time on it, including three shoots days that totaled to 16 hours of filming. The feedback mentioned how there were cameras shown in the documentary which made it unprofessional however I justified this in extreme detail in my critical reflection. I was also told that the duration was too long, even though it was around 7:30 including titles and credits which fell in the 5-8 minute bracket. I had already cut out a minutes worth of footage and I had to portray a whole 24 hours in a documentary which was not easy to cut down. There was also a lot of feedback that I either did not agree was fair or it was explained in my critical reflection. I found it very surprising that my critical reflection was also graded low as I had used the same structure I use for all my reflections as it helps me to structure my points in a clear and concise way. She also mentioned how it would have been better to embed pictures I had referenced in the actual body of the text. I found this an odd thing to comment on as referencing pictures in an appendix using figures is an academic way of referencing and inserting pictures between lines of text comes across messy and unorganized. Overall, I found the feedback given was unjustified and careless with multiple references to irrelevant topics. I also had a slight concern with the teaching on this unit very early on and I have found from this experience that I should bring up any concerns I have a lot earlier in case it jeopardises my grade.

I have also decided that I will start this second semester by setting some SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time bound) goals. Here are a few short term  SMART goals:

  • Actively seek more work experiences and placements, at least one each month until the end of the year.
  • Attend more lectures and to be punctual, my attendance % not falling any more than 10% until the end of the academic year.
  • Start assignments earlier, beginning to work on them as soon as I receive them and mostly finishing them by at least 2 weeks before deadlines.

My long term SMART goal would be to graduate with a 1st class degree, which is measurable, attainable, relevant and gives me until the end of my university experience to achieve.

One thought on “First Semester Reflections

  1. Good goal setting and some excellent reflection on your producing unit. I appreciate your comments on the documentary unit, however, leaving the issues you raise to one side, I feel there is still much to learn from reflecting on your practice on the unit. It would have been nice to read some of this.


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