Work Experience With Bounce Video

This week I traveled to Oxford to assist on a shoot for Bounce Video with OxLEP skills as a production runner. I joined Grace, the Creative Director of Bounce Video, and Chris who was the videographer. The aim of the shoot was to demonstrate the different apprenticeships available through OxLEP. We interviewed Katie, who was […]

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Creative Challenges: Inspiration

Recently I was facing a few creative challenges in a few units at university, one of them being to do with creative flow. In my imagining reality unit, I was feeling very uninspired and felt an inability to come up with unique ideas. De Bono (2012) says that ‘Without creativity there is only repetition and […]

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Imagining Reality Photography: Sammy Slabbinck Analysis

Sammy Slabbinck (born 1977, Belgium) creates dynamic surrealist contemporary collage reminiscent of the great Jacques PrĂ©vert. Found magazine images are decontextualized and re-appropriated as Slabbinck plays with scale and juxtaposition. The context is often mid-Atlantic and mid-twentieth century and the images pay homage to the genius of the great 70’s powerhouse of brain food that […]

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