Final Major Project – Finalised Idea

Working title

SWAN – what inspired this title was some research about swans and how if a swan dies, it’s partner can also die from heartbreak. I thought this was quite relevant to my story as it is also someone who is suffering from heartbreak from grief.

The concept/idea (precision/clarity) What is the story you want to tell?

Sci-Fi Dystopia

A short fiction film about using artificial intelligence to overcome grief.

What happens when you mix grief with AI?

Set in the near future, it is a story about a woman called Freya grieving over the recent loss of her partner. A device claiming to bring the memory of him back alive unmasks their relationship for what it really is.

Project aims  How do you intend to tell your story?

I intend to tell the story of their relationship through the encounters they have in her dream state. Starting off with him being portrayed as the ideal partner and their relationship being picture perfect, these encounters will slowly start to become more and more troubling and eventually revealing Ollie’s manipulation over her and their relationship they had. I want the story to show how love is blind to red flags, and when you are in love you see the person you want to see. I intend to tell my story without any dialogue and the only dialogue we hear is between Freya and Ollie in her dream state. 

Audience/anticipated project outcomes 

I want to give my audience an open ending, with the reputation of Ollie and their relationship now tainted – was this device beneficial in enlightening her on what their relationship was really like or was it all together a bad idea as it has ruined the loving and flawless memory she had of their relationship?

Is the AI version we see of Ollie reliable or genuine?

However if i wanted to go for a more close ending, it could be the revelation that perhaps the agenda of the cooperation producing the device is to purpose taint the memory of the deceased to help the person grieving get over them.

Initial Research At least two influences/inspiration

Black Mirror


Films and books I want to look at to further my research:


Bladerunner 2049

MCKEE, R., 1998. Story : substance, structure, style, and the principles of screenwriting. London: Methuen

REA, P. W. and D. K. IRVING, 2015. Producing and directing the short and film video. 5th ed. Burlington, Massachusetts: Focal Press

SANDERS, S., 2008. The philosophy of science fiction film. Lexington, Ky: University Press of Kentucky

COOPER, P. and K. DANCYGER, 2005. Writing the short film. 3rd ed. London: Focal

Logistics working methodology

I will first begin by finishing my script to a standard I am happy with, a script that tells the story accurately through the plot. 

After doing this, I will then have a clearer idea of the locations/scenes look at finding a location. I will do this through Airbnb as it will allow me to find houses to film in locally. 

After booking locations I will have a few set dates for my production and will then look to recruiting talent. I will send callouts to Solent Stage society as well as contact NST and use casting websites such as Mandy. I will do auditions via video and send people a section of the script to act out.

Then I will look at booking crew for the production.

I plan to film early in the next semester as I want as much time as possible to work around the sound design and any visual effects needed. It will also give me time to reshoot or pickup any scenes.

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