Sound Design Unit: Sound List for Wallace and Gromit Opening Sequence

The sound design of Wallace and Gromit is always something that has fascinated me and sparked my curiousity in the sound design animation world. I decided to choose a Wallace and Gromit opening sequence for my sound design artefact as I found it to have the most interesting sound design and I want to learn how it was done to attempt to recreate it myself. It’s definately ambitious of me to try and recreate the sound design for a well renowned and award winning animation, but I am looking forward to the challenge. The opengin sequence I chose was from Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of The Were-Rabbit.

The first thing I did was watch the clip many times, with and without sound – to try and absorb as much information about the clip as I could. I then sat and watched it again but making notes of all the sounds I heard with their timecodes. I thought that once I know every sound in the clip, I would be able to prioritise and select the most significant sounds to recreate.

Using the breakdown of sound componants from the Making Waves Documentary, I made a not of all my sounds from my list and split them into three categories: Voice, Sound Effects and Music. Then I could easily manage all of my sounds, have a record of them and then be able to tick the sounds I have done off the list.

I found this technique to be very useful in organising my sounds and it gave me a clearer idea of what needed to be done and the way in which I would need to do it (i.e. whether it needed to be recorded in a foley studio or on location).

I can now use this list to split up my sounds into different recording sessions allowing me to group all of my Foley sounds together, all of my ADR sounds together etc. The only next thing to do now is to begin recording and making my sounds!

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