Creative Challenges: Inspiration

Recently I was facing a few creative challenges in a few units at university, one of them being to do with creative flow. In my imagining reality unit, I was feeling very uninspired and felt an inability to come up with unique ideas. De Bono (2012) says that ‘Without creativity there is only repetition and […]

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Imagining Reality Photography: Sammy Slabbinck Analysis

Sammy Slabbinck (born 1977, Belgium) creates dynamic surrealist contemporary collage reminiscent of the great Jacques PrĂ©vert. Found magazine images are decontextualized and re-appropriated as Slabbinck plays with scale and juxtaposition. The context is often mid-Atlantic and mid-twentieth century and the images pay homage to the genius of the great 70’s powerhouse of brain food that […]

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First Semester Reflections

Looking back on some of the feedback I had received in the first semester, overall feedback was positive with some minor improvements. For my producing unit, my pitch scored a lot lower than my pitching package at a B3, due to my idea not being original enough. This I understood and in retrospect, I should’ve […]

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